Powerbow 6X Wheelie/Standup

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When designing new luggage for our range, our design team has a crucial question to consider: how can we create as much storage as possible, without compromising performance through extra bulk. The Powerbow6X luggage family is the answer. The Wheelie bag in the collection features the stunning colourway that adorns the sister bat – silver and white colours give the feeling of class, with striking hints of volt green lifting the bag to new territory, grabbing the attention of teammates and opposition players.

The Powerbow6X Wheelie bag features an incredible amount of storage space, to get your gear from game to game. There is a main storage compartment that will comfortably fit your bats, pads and gloves, while there is an extra area that can house either your helmet or shoes – whichever you'd prefer not to group with the rest of your gear.

Anti-scuff protection has been added to the Powerbow6X luggage family, ensuring the bags are long lasting and durable. We know you don't want to change kit bag every year and have taken steps to ensure you never have to again.

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Excellent design elements of the Powerbow6X Wheelie include the deluxe wheel system, which allows easy transportation from car to changing room over harsh, varied terrain. Once you get to the changing room, you will be able to store the bag easily, standing up to save space in what can be a crowded area.

If you're in the market for a new bag, the Powerbow6X Wheelie will be right for you. It comes in bold colours, at a price point to suit every level of cricket. You have the Power.


  • Optimum on the move storage
  • Large main storage compartment easily fits your pads and gloves
  • Separate shoe or helmet storage, freeing up extra room in the bag
  • Stand up or lay flat design is perfect for small changing rooms
  • Deluxe wheel system allows for easy transportation on all surfaces
  • Anti-scuff protection ensures long lasting life
  • Size: 96 x 36 x 36cms