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Customers, old and new. Due to the Corvid-19 situations and wanting to follow government guidelines and help stop the spread of this killer virus as of 20th March 2020 we have suspended all club clothing orders as of 5pm. It may not be possible to get orders in our system to customers within the 15 day lead time as we don't have embroidery or print capacity at this time. Any of our textile work availability is being used by the NHS. Any orders for club clothing during the lockdown period will be contacted with two options of HOLD or REFUND, please reply to the email you will get if making a clothing order.

All sporting activity in clubs has been suspended with daily exercise being taken at/or close to home, please follow these guidelines as they are designed to save lives.

Any orders placed for fitness equipment will be shipped direct to you from our suppliers. Together we can beat this deadly virus, but we need to keep safe and save our NHS for those who contract this deadly virus. Please do not hesitate contact us on 07745994527 if you want clarification. Thank you

Welcome to Cornish Granite Sports

Our company mission statement is the best products at the best price. We extensively research the sports markets offering equipment and clothing from brands that have (1) Quality (2) Sustainability (3) Affordability.

We also work with the best bespoke sports clothing suppliers in the UK and Europe, again where quality and price meets the customers exact requirements.

Cornish Granite Sports also helps sports clubs raise vital club funds with a concept called Club Micro Shopping - ask us for details, and remember to always ask us to quote you for your sporting needs, it costs you nothing but can save you or your club valuable funds....

We're donating 50p from every online order to Mind.

We're donating to Mind