Powerbow 1000 Duffle Bag with free embroidery.

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  • Free Initials and Club Name (£)

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Gray-Nicolls is a brand of immense history and heritage. However, to enable us to continue grow, we've had to adapt to the ever-changing landscape and demands of the game. Duffle bags are a relatively modern addition to cricket, but our collection is undoubtedly one of the strongest available, with the Powerbow6 1000 one of most popular.

The Powerbow6 1000 duffle is a great bag for all levels of cricket - easy to carry and transport. The two handles wrap around your shoulders and mould to your body – perfect for junior players unable to drag heavier wheelies.

Featuring seven pockets, the Powerbow6 1000 gives cricketers ample storage for all their goods. There is separate storage for shoes, helmet and clothes, allowing you to stay hyper-organised and keep your items pristine.

There is a three-bat storage compartment that will keep your bats safe and secure when you are transporting your kit. Damage can often be done to bats when they are stuffed in with the rest of your equipment, so this section is not without its benefits.

The Powerbow6 1000 is designed to be durable, standing the test of time, season after season, no matter how many grounds you visit or cars you throw it into. It's one of our favourite pieces of cricket luggage – we hope it will be yours, too.


  • Stores shoes, helmet and clothes separately for fantastic organisation
  • Separate three bat storage compartment to keep your bats safe
  • Heavy-duty, multi-pocketed duffle bag, giving brilliant storage option and the promise of outstanding durability
  • Size: 90 x 40 x 40cms
  • This Bag Comes with free initials & Club Name