• Dukes Patriot Custom Pro
  • Dukes Patriot Custom Pro

Dukes Patriot Custom Pro

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  • Knock in and oil (£0.00)
    Knock-in, taped edges, oil (£3.00)
    Knock in, oil, pro face (£5.00)

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DUKES Patriot Custom Pro Cricket Bat
Grade 1 English Willow.

• Designed for big hitters! 
• A huge profile from shoulders to toe for power in every shot 
• Huge edges and a fuller back profile allow for immense power across the blade 
• Semi flat face allows maximum bat profile and power 
• All senior models hand made from quality unbleached seasoned English willow 
• Natural finish, oiling and knocking in is required (Free with this bat)
• Traditional 9 cane, triple spring handle with premium Octo grip 
• Rubber toe guard fitted 
• Premium chrome/ metallic stickers