New 2019 Powerbow 6x 4*

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Is this the best around bat from GN....probably

Style versus substance is a long-discussed debate. What's the point of looking the part if you can't perform? Is there any merit to winning if you don't look good doing it. Step forward: Powerbow6X 4 Star cricket bat. The Powerbow6X offers you the perfect solution – perfect aesthetic, brilliant performance.

We've introduced new families for 2019, but we felt that given the good feeling towards the Powerbow range, we had kept the legend alive. While the Powerbow6X will bear the hallmarks of its predecessors, it will have some distinct differences.

One thing that won't be changing is the cricket bat's low middle – a feature of the Powerbow's history. This low middle gives considerable benefits to front foot players, keen to come forward as much as possible. However, given the all-around strength of the Powerobow6X 4 Star, anyone will be able to dominate with it.

Something that we are proud of at Gray-Nicolls is how we have made even the heaviest Powerbow6X 4 Star bat feel as light as a feather. A heavy bat with a low middle has all the hallmarks of an unbalanced feel and bulky pick-up. Not on the Powerbow6X. This was achieved through the process of feathering the toe – essentially taking all the weight out of the bottom of the bat, allowing for optimal weight distribution.

Design and aesthetics wise, we felt that the Powerbow6X should stay true to previous models, but with on-trend colour palettes to give it a modern edge. For that reason, white and chrome stickers are placed on the spine and towards the toe of the Powerbow6X. These are subtle yet effective and pop under floodlights. Add to this some flashes of vibrant volt green, and we have produced a cricket bat that perfectly sits between our Classic and Test collections.

In huge news, England's highest ever run scorer has decided the time is right to return to his roots and move back into Powerbow. Having made his England debut with the original, Alastair Cook will be hoping the Powerbow6X can propel to success with Essex in 2019.

We are delighted to present to you the Powerbow6X, after months of work, late nights, and testing sessions. With design input from the likes of Karun Nair, we are confident this will be the best Powerbow yet.

Made from English willow, grown and felled around Robertsbridge, East Sussex, every Powerbow6X cricket bat will be quality checked by our bat pickers in the bat cave before making its way to you.