• GN Supernova 4*
  • GN Supernova 4*

GN Supernova 4*

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When you pick up a cricket bat, you know if it's going to work for you. It will look great. Feel perfect. Send a shiver down your spine. With the Supernova InfraRed cricket bat, it's highly likely you'll get all these feelings and more.

Everything about the bat screams brilliance. The evocative red sticker that sweeps down the spine of the bat is vintage Gray-Nicolls, exaggerating the sweet spot that is about to put bowlers to the sword.

Now comes the magic. The contouring and shape of the Supernova InfraRed 4 Star bat will help batsmen with their hand speed, enabling to find gaps in the field that won't exist for other players. If you need power, the swell has all the tools to ensure you can hit the ropes. The Supernova is a perfect blend of craft and clout.

The 4 Star Supernova Infrared is an ideal bat for club cricket, having been tested and refined by our master bat makers in Robertsbridge over the last 12 months. The goal of the Supernova InfraRed was to create a bat that worked as hard as the batsman, finding extra advantages anywhere it can.

The asymmetric red and black face stickers pair beautifully with classic Gray-Nicolls chequerboard design, a nod to both our past and our future as one of the game's most admired brands.

The 4 Star Supernova InfraRed bat is from grade 2 English willow. Your blade will feature minor blemishes, but performance will still be incredible. We'd love to hear about your results.

Call us if you have a specific weight or want a second grip fitted