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Soccer Supplement - Fuel90 Energy + Electrolyte Gel (Pack of 10)


Keep going until the final whistle. 

FUEL90® is the complete Footballer Energy Gel developed to provide an effective and fast releasing source of Energy and Electrolytes to help you maintain your performance on the pitch over 90 minutes.

› The Fuel90® Dual Carbohydrate Formula is absorbed up to 40% faster than other gels that use a cheaper single source
› 28g of Carbohydrate to provide the fuel for your match
› 380mg of Electrolytes to replace those lost in sweat
› Great tasting Orange flavour that doesn't require any water to be taken with it

This is for footballer aged 12+ that wants to increase their energy levels and replace electrolytes  before or during a game. Take 1 Gel 30 minutes before a match and then 1 Gel at halftime to maintain performance and replace the lost energy and electrolytes.