New for 2017 Ocean Submersible Bag Collection

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  • 5 Litre (£2.00)
    15 Litre (£3.50)
    25 Ltr Backpack (£30.00)

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New for 2017

A must for all people who work or play in the water....this range of bags will meet all your needs

Size2 1-5-15 litre Dry Sacs and the daddy of them all the 25ltr Back Pack. 

100% waterproof...

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Product details

Submerge drysac

  • Lightweight yet durable
  • Waterproof heat welded seams
  • Fabric 100% Waterproof ripstop polyester



Back Pack Detail

Submerge 25 litre waterproof backpack

Fully waterproof. Dual-sided EasyPanel™ for decoration. Secure roll-top and clip closure system

Fabric100% Waterproof tough PVC tarpaulin