• Willostix Anaconda LE
  • Willostix Anaconda LE

Willostix Anaconda LE

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The branding is wonderfully retro. The face artwork is laser cut into the wood giving the appearance of something from an age when the England team travelled to Australia on a boat. The back artwork is again minimalistic and explains that the bat is indeed extra special. Most cricketers are inspired by the kit used by their heroes in international cricket. The roles are now reversed. If you are smart enough to buy one of these wonder-wands don’t be careless enough to leave it unattended near an international dressing room….you may not see it again!

Key features:
* Limited Edition English Willow
* Unique etched retro branding
* Bowed profile
* Excellent weight distribution and light pick up
* Supplied with single grip and factory fitted toe guard
* Unique Classic bat cover

RRP £300