2019-20 Kaizen Pace Rugby Boots

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Kaizen [KAHY-ZEN]: The Japanese philosophy of continuous improvement. 

Introducing the Kaizen 3.0 Pace Rugby Cleat. Part of Gilbert's Pace Collection, this boot is built to surpass the competition in speed.

Meant for players who thrive on acceleration and open fields, these super lightweight boots are made with a PU upper, making them feel weightless while molding to your foot. The speedplate outsole and multi-matrix insole give the wearer maximal response from each step. Textured upper provides ball control when kicking.

Design features a feather-weight mix of 6 metal Prolite studs and 6 TPU molded studs, giving it explosive acceleration that quickly shifts into rapid foot turnover. Think dynamic traction with no drag. Fewer deep contact points position this boot as ideal for backs--or any loose forward looking to pressure the opposing scrum half.

At an elite level, even the most marginal gains are critical. Be the change you want to see.