Powerbow 6X 200

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  • Short Handle (£15.00)

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We believe that it's important to look good on the cricket field. Sharp appearance, sharp performance. It's a mental game, and the process of putting on immaculate kit ready for battle could be the difference between a first baller and a century. The little things matter. Let us take care of the bat with the Powerbow6X 200, the blade that will complete your pristine look in 2019.

What's in a name? A lot? Given the level of player has used the Powerbow since it first came into the Gray-Nicolls range in 2005, we feel like this is a bat that genuinely deserves to live on. For that reason, the new Powerbow6X will keep a lot of the traditional Powerbow values, with some modern twists to make it 2019's must-have.

One of those Powerbow traditions is the low middle, and that isn't going anywhere. Long favoured by front foot players, the lower swell is a clear differentiator to the rest of our 2019 range, and a welcome one. There is plenty in the rest of the Powerbow6X 200 bat, even if you aren't a player that likes to play forward.

When creating the Powerbow6X 200 cricket bat, it was important that all sizes and weights felt like they had the best balance and pick-up as possible. Given that sizes start a four all the way to Short Handle, with weights varying from 1lb 14oz – 2lb 12oz, this is no mean feat. This was achieved through feathering the toe – taking all the weight out of the bottom of the bat to allow the rest of the bat pack a punch.

The design elements of the Powerbow6X borrow a little bit from all over the Gray-Nicolls range. The Classic range inspires the clean aesthetic, with subtle white and silver sticks running down the spine and splitting out towards the toe. Meanwhile, the more contemporary Test range is represented by the flashes of volt green which adds considerable depth to what is already a stunning bat.

In possibly the biggest compliment the Powerbow6X, in 2019 Alastair Cook will be using the bat, returning to the Powerbow family with which he made his England debut with. Now some 12,000 Test runs later; Cookie is back.

After a year of refining and redefining, we are proud to finally bring you the Powerbow6X. Crafted by our master bat makers, with input from Test stars such as India's Karun Nair, we are confident the Powerbow6X will help deliver the results you want.

Made from English willow, grown and felled around Robertsbridge, East Sussex, every Powerbow6X cricket bat will be quality checked by our bat pickers in the bat cave before making its way to you.