Supernova 5* 2019 Edition

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Cricket is very much a confidence game. It ebbs and flows, like a batsman's form. Sometimes you have none; sometimes you are brimming with it. Confidence will never be an issue again with the Supernova Infrared cricket bat.

The sweeping red sticker sweeps down the spine of the bat, exaggerating the size of the blade with which you are about to cause destruction. If the fielding side weren't worried before, they are now.

Work now begins, but you'll benefit from the work that has gone in to make the Supernova cricket bat one of our best. The contouring and shaping give batsmen the ability to increase their hand speed to manoeuvre the ball, while power comes from the intimidating middle swell.

The Supernova Infrared, ideal for high-level club players or professional cricketers, has been designed and refined by our master bat makers in Robertsbridge throughout the past year. Our aim – optimise weight distribution to ensure optimal pick-up and maximum power. Mission accomplished.

The asymmetric red and black face stickers, coupled with classic Gray-Nicolls chequerboard design, marry the innovation and tradition that ensure cricket's oldest brand continues to stay at the top of the game.

The 5 Star Supernova InfraRed bat is from the finest grade 1 English willow grown and felled by us in Sussex. Your blade will be clean and tightly grained, making you the envy of the dressing room.

All bats in the Supernova Infrared range will be quality controlled at our home in Robertsbridge before being are sent out to you.

Already proving to be one 2019 most popular bats, the Supernova Infrared will give you the confidence to perform out in the middle.