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Gilbert Ladies Triflex Lite

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Gilbert have designed the perfect body armour for women acting to protect the key areas of the upper body from powerful impact. Introducing the Triflex Women’s Lite body armour. With the 3D moulded triangular system, this body armour provides the ultimate flexibility and cover to ensure impact is absorbed when making contact.

Included are a total of 8 pads covering the shoulders, breast and multiple on the back for all round protection. Fast pace, agile players need complete freedom of movement on the field; the 4 way stretch on this body armour enhances the athletes’ movement and the FastWickX base fabric accelerates the pull of moisture away from the skins surface. This acts to keep the body dry after an intense session and eliminates the chill effect caused by perspiration.

The Triflex Women’s Lite comes in the black/crimson colour and is available in sizes 2XS-2XL. This high performance body armour should be on everyone’s wish lists this season.