Custom Made Rash Tee's

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  • Double Colour Youth (£3.00)
    Triple Colour Youth (£5.00)
    Adult Single Colour (£3.00)
    Adult Double Colour (£4.00)
    Adult Triple Colour (£5.00)
    Long Sleeve Youth or Adult (£3.00)
    Adult XL/XXL size (£2.00)

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Made in the UK using the very best Flexcite (Lycra-Poly-Elasttane) Material for a better fit and a better looking garment.

We can offer standard one colour, short and lond sleeved or twin-triple colour options.

Please call us before placing an order to check out what colours are available. 

Small /Medium Adult size fits 32-38. Medium/Large 38-44. XL-XXL 44-50

Call 07745994527

Call us if you wish to have prints added to your Rash Tee's