St Agnes SLSC Swimsuit

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  • Adult 32 (£5.00)
    34 (£5.00)
    36 (£5.00)
    38 (£5.00)

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2019 New swimsuit in club colours 


  1. Rinse thoroughly in cold water immediately after use.
  2. Do not leave rolled in a wet, chlorinated towel.
  3. Do not wear whilst washing your hair – shampoo agents attack fibres.
  4. Do not use any detergents
  5. Hand wash only and do not spin, tumble dry or iron
  6. To avoid fading, leave to dry naturally away from sunlight.
  7. Avoid contact with grease, sun oil and other chemical agents.
  8. Avoid contact with rough surfaces.
  9. Light colours may be subject to transparency.