• Grays GR11000 Pro Hockey Stick.
  • Grays GR11000 Pro Hockey Stick.

Grays GR11000 Pro Hockey Stick.

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New for 2014. Leading the 2nd generation of Hocket Stick technology, Graphine Enhanced Technology.

Grays latest hi-tech stick development features the introduction of graphene in the new GR range.

Graphene is a high performance form of carbon, which has a microscope thickness making it one of the thinest yet strongest new generation materials. Grays precise layup composition within each stick in the GR range has been dormulated using the unique properties of this innovative material.

This new Graphene Enhanced Technology creates a unique combination of powerful energy transfer when hitting, and shock absorbing properties for added feel and response. The improved Feel Area to the range for even greater feel and performance, as well as the new Abrasion Resistant Durazone heel area, and PrePreg Enhanced low backhand zone.

The Grays GR11000 Pro Jumbo Composite Hockey Stick has all this new technology.

Features •New for this season •New Octagonal shaped handle. •Graphine fibre matrix construction formulae with fully integrated carbon and aramid and graphene resin system. •Improved control performance. •Excellent energy transfer when hitting. •AR Durazone heel protection. •PP Rnhanced LBZ. •IFA on surface of the head. •New Twintex grip. •Jumbo blade profile. •Headshap: Maxi. •Head Face: Improved feel area. •Power Rating: Xtra Stiff •Blade profile: Jumbo. •Reinforcement Materials: Carbon/Aramid.  •Curve location (Measured from base of head): 200mm. •Handle construction: Octagonal Energy Reduction. •Grip: Twintex Hi-Soft. •Low Backhand Zone: PP Enhanced Edge Protection. •Heel Protection: AR Zone.

36.5 M  is ou of stock until he end of Juy.