• Grays GX8000 Dynabow
  • Grays GX8000 Dynabow

Grays GX8000 Dynabow

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Grays GX 8000 Dynabow hockey stick features a Dynabow blade profile. This new blade profile shape has a precise curve positioned mid lower blade to give players the combination for high level technical skills, excellent energy transfer when hitting and good response when using drag flick techniques.

With the Blade curve point positioned at 250mm between the Megabow and Jumbow blade profile shapes, it has been introduced at the request of our top international players, who were looking for that little extra control and stick handling. A more "rounded" lower handle shape helps players rotate the stick more freely. It has been especially shaped to make sure that it complies within the 25mm bow limit specified by the FIH.

Grays GX 8000 Dynabow is the new top of the range Dynabow model. The stick features a "rounded" lower handle shape that helps players rotate the stick more freely. The stick has a fully integrated Carbon, Aramid and Fibreglass composition and an energy reduction handle. It also has IFA on the surface of the head.